dogs on vacation

Your dog is being hosted by a loving family of your choice. We will accommodate your pet in a home that fits your needs. You will let us know if children or other animals are suitable companions. Your dog will be part of a family while you are away and we treat your four legged friend like our own. We play with your pet, walk it and feed it and change the water once per day. We gladly give it medicine and follow all your guidelines. To us it is important that you feel good about where and with whom you board your dog.

dog walking

We will walk your dog off or on leash. You will tell us what your pet likes best. We love playing fetch with your dog or doing any other activities that you normally do with your four legged friend.

cat or dog homecare

We visit your cats or dogs as many times as required per day. We keep your pet company and play with it, we refresh your pet's water and food and clean its litter box. While you are away your cat or dog will be in its own environment, happy and healthy. We walk dogs as per your requirement.