our story

We love animals. I grew up with dogs and owned several of them. Our last dog was Mona. She came to us as an adoptive dog from our mother after she had to go to a nursing home. Mona was with us for only a short time, a little over three years. She developed an aggressive form of cancer and both her vet and the animal cancer clinic could not offer any help. We treated her with natural remedies and took her to unconventional treatments just to try all we can. We started cooking her food rather than buying dog food. We gave her the best care possible while she was sick. Unfortunately, due to the aggressive form of cancer Mona only lasted a few months after it was discovered. We miss her dearly. She was a great companion and the best dog ever.

As it is only my husband and I at home, we decided to travel more and not get another dog at this time. But helping animals is what we love, thus we started Fido & Feline Holidays and Daycare. It's a way of helping friends and family look after their beloved animals, but also make new connections and develop friendships with our clients. Your animals will be in the best care ever other than what you can offer.