Frequently asked questions

How can you prepare as a pet owner for the time you are away?

  • Don't wait until the last minute, make your reservation early so we can best accommodate your pet.
  • Fill out our intake form completely so we have all the necessary information.
  • Make sure your pet's vaccinations are up to date.
  • Affix pet's identification tags to their collar.
  • Make sure there is enough food and favorite snacks for your animals left with us or at your home.
  • Do your pets like their special toys? Make sure you leave them with us so that they can more easily accommodate to us and their new surroundings.
  • Make sure to leave us complete instructions for specialty needs, like medicine.

how do I know I can trust you to look after my pet?

We screen and certified all our pet sitters to our highest standard. We make sure to get all the necessary information from you before you leave. We can send you updates and pictures daily if required.

what makes our service better than others?

We love animals and make sure they get the best care. We provide a number of services and fit it to your and your pet's needs. We go the extra mile to win your approval.

why not leave your pet with neighbours, friends or relatives?

Sometimes it's easier to pay for a service than asking for favours. We also treat your animals to the best of our knowledge and have many years of experience.

Why not put your dog in a kennel or our cat in a pet hotel?

Your pets will be locked up and only taken out for a few minutes at a time. They have to share the yard with many other dogs or cats. You spend the same amount or not much more to put your beloved pet with Fido & Feline Holidays and Daycare and know that your pet will spend its time in a loving environment.

What kind of pets do we take care of?

Currently we look after dogs and cats.